HFS Webinar – You Need an Intelligent Automation Solution to Harness the Power of the triple-A trifecta (Automation, AI, and Analytics)

April 20, 2020

May 14 2020 |  11am (ET)  | 4pm (UK) 

We talk about swimming in data lakes but the reality is we work in data swamps which leave us feeling like we’re wading through spaghetti! Despite rapid technological advancements in the triple-A trifecta (Automation, AI and Analytics), few enterprises have truly scaled implementations. Lack of quality data is the Achilles heel for most of these initiatives. The challenge is amplified in the Banking & Financial Services Sector where digitizing complex processes requires executives to get on top of disparate and, at times, chaotic, data sets across multiple lines of businesses.

In this webinar we discuss Citibank’s experience in driving effective innovation and the role that intelligent automation solutions like Xceptor (an exclusive HFS hot vendor) are playing in realizing the promise of these technologies and explain;

– why every triple-A trifecta conversation should start with data

– the typical data challenges for enterprises, and

= how leading enterprises like Citi and innovative solutions like Xceptor, are unraveling the enterprise data spaghetti.


– Ben Rayner, Head of Innovation and Productivity, Citigroup

– Andrew Kouloumbrides, CEO, Xceptor

– Saurabh Gupta, Chief Research Officer, HFS