How a Global Telecommunications Firm Scaled RPA

December 28, 2018



Robotic process automation (RPA) has emerged as a powerful change agent, with enterprises around the globe embracing it as a means to automate manual processes and create a bridge to a digital future. Despite signs of vibrant growth such as the latest billion+ valuations of the most prominent RPA software firms, RPA is still a nascent market with enterprise strategies continuing to percolate and a notable dearth of experienced talent.


The single biggest issue enterprises cite as a barrier to achieving success with automation is scale. The establishment of a stable and growing RPA production environment used by a hybrid workforce with enterprise-wide best practices has eluded most companies thus far. Explanations abound as to why this is the case such as weak change management, a lack of balance between tech and operations, small siloed initiatives, or lack of execution leadership. Why is scaling RPA so hard?


Rather than learning from what has not worked, HFS identified a success story to help better understand what it takes to scale and run a successful automation program. Deutsche Telekom, a global telecommunications firm, and its partner, Another Monday, together have built and run one of the largest bot implementations worldwide. This includes back-office processes as well as client-facing processes. This webinar will discuss their automation journey and accomplishments with an emphasis on how to scale effectively.


Attend and learn:

  1. Why achieving RPA scale matters
  2. How to get beyond pilots or piecemeal RPA implementations
  3. Why the usual suspects are not always the right answer
  4. Success drivers for managing automation at scale



  • Elena Christopher, Research Vice President, HFS
  • Sebastian Zeiss, VP Lean Management Competence Center, Deutsche Telekom
  • Arjen van Berkum, Chief Operating Officer, Another Monday



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