Making RPA and Data the Foundation for Your Digital Transformation Strategy

November 6, 2017


As the RPA market matures, organizations are progressing toward integrating a broad set of innovation and automation approaches. On this journey data management strategies increasingly become the cornerstone of service delivery strategies. The Holy Grail of those strategies is at the intersection of automation, analytics, and data. 


In this webinar, we will discuss the evolution of Intelligent Automation and RPA with executives from Blue Prism and what are the lessons learned from organizations like Ascension Health who are early adopters and pioneers in Intelligent Automation. 


What you will learn:

  • What are the lessons learned from the early deployments?
  • What needs to be considered when making data the cornerstone of your service delivery strategy?
  • How are the RPA technologies and approaches evolving? 



  • Lee Coulter, CEO Ascension Shared Services
  • Shail Khiyara, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer (CMXO), Blue Prism
  • Tom Reuner, SVP Intelligent Automation and IT Services, HfS Research