Propel Your Business Operations “Straight to Digital” with Digital Associates

February 13, 2020

February 28, 2020 |  11am (ET)  | 4pm (UK) 

Enterprises’ desire to progress customer and employee engagement from physical to digital has never been more intense, and many companies have no choice but to make this shift rapidly. Many organizations are actively seeking to bypass traditional levers such as outsourcing to get to their desired digital end-state.  The conversation has shifted away from better, faster, and cheaper toward fundamentally rewiring operations to meet the needs of all stakeholders—customers, employees, and partners. Taking this OneOffice approach focuses on the human elements of business, but it requires increasingly intelligent technology to support these experiences.


Cognitive assistants are actually “Digital Associates” that work for and with enterprises to create better experiences across their stakeholder ecosystems. Digital Associates such as IPsoft’s Amelia can be an integral element to making data flow easily and intelligently and helping everyone in an organization make better decisions—not just in the digital front office but across all business processes.  In this webinar, we’ll explore the “Straight to Digital” approach, the critical role that Digital Associates play in it, and the best principles and practices to follow on such a journey.


Key themes include:

  1. Why using Digital Associates is essential for making your organization more intelligent
  2. How Digital Associates enable OneOffice experiences
  3. The Five Principles of using Digital Associates for OneOffice experiences
  4. Lessons learned from IPsoft customers