Rebooting the Enterprise in our new Reality

August 27, 2020




900 Major organizations share their strategies for Emerging Technologies  

Embracing new technologies is no longer just about doing things better, faster, and cheaper. It now has implications on survival and growth in a new business reality. Emerging technologies are transforming every industry, requiring legacy businesses to radically reinvent themselves—faster than they ever imagined.  

HFS, in conjunction with KPMG, conducted research with 900 executives across the Global 2000 enterprises to understand the adoption of emerging technologies and the impact of COVID-19 on business priorities and spending on emerging technologies. Key areas of emphasis included process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), smart analytics, hybrid and multi-cloud, and 5G. The research also included enterprise perspectives on cybersecurity, edge-computing, IoT, and quantum computing. 

In this webinar, we share the findings from our latest study and discuss what organizations need to do to transform and survive, and how they can drive tangible value from emerging technologies in the new shared reality.

The discussion addresses the following topics: 

  • What does the emerging technology roadmap look like and how has this been impacted by COVID-19? 
  • How can investments in technology drive value within organizations? What is the case for higher investment? Are you a Superhero or a Straggler? 
  • As organizations become digital workplaces, how does this change the behaviors and priorities of IT? 
  • Will the CIO take center stage to become the organization’s disruptor once more?  Or is this the time for other leaders to emerge? 
  • How will digital transformation get accelerated across the enterprise? What role will emerging technologies play in this? 
  • How will this impact the future for business services? Has the journey “Straight to Digital” just been accelerated, or have we seen a fundamental change? 
  • Is today’s New Digital different from the one we used to dream about?  



Phil Fersht, CEO and Founder, HFS Research 

Cliff Justice, Global Lead for Intelligent Automation and U.S. Lead for Digital Capabilities, KPMG International

Saurabh Gupta, Chief Research Officer, HFS Research