Southwest Airlines gets Jiffy with automation: An underdog RPA tale driven by cultural fit and ease of use

February 26, 2020

February 20, 2020 |  11am (ET)  | 4pm (UK) 

Shhhh, listen for a moment. That blessed silence, or at least lower level of noise, is the quieting of the incessant hype machine that’s accompanied the robotic process automation (RPA) market for the past several years. As enterprise adoption increases and best practices emerge, the marketplace is becoming better able to articulate what it wants to achieve with automation and which tools will help it get there. Many enterprises are realizing that while the “big three” RPA software vendors are generally a safe bet, bigger does not automatically equate with better. Many smaller software firms are increasingly gaining traction with clients that are willing to explore beyond the usual suspects.


In this webinar HFS showcased an enterprise success story with an up and coming RPA vendor. HFS spotlights Southwest Airlines, America’s largest domestic carrier known for its low fares and stellar customer service, on its automation journey as it strives for employee efficiency and cost avoidance powered by by Paanini. To paraphrase the sage Will Smith, “Southwest gets Jiffy with it”.


Key themes included:


  1. Why enterprises should look beyond the RPA market leaders
  2. How knowing what you want to achieve can help you pick the best RPA partner
  3. The importance of IT and business alignment for automation (and really any tech-led) initiatives
  4. The importance of cultural fit with partners
  5. RPA: band-aid or enduring toolset?