Webinar: 2018, The Year of Making an Impact

November 13, 2017


We predicted 2017 would be the year of “Making it Real” – and it turned out to be true as the “digital fog” is starting to lift with enterprises finding their digital path and realizing that there is only OneOffice™ that matters. It was the year when HfS became the voice of the customer and help separate the hype from reality. We explored the experiences, plans, challenges, and opportunities for enterprises in their quest to align their operations to meet the rapidly changing needs of the market.


2018 promises to be the year when we will start to see some real impact. We expect 2018 to be about leveraging the power of all the established and emerging change agents across RPA, AI, Smart Analytics, Blockchain, and IoT in combination with creative talent to drive superior business outcomes. Our research theme for 2018 will be all about “Making an Impact.”


In this webinar, Phil and Saurabh will share our 2018 predictions for the industry and unveil our research agenda for next year. We will cover:

– Key highlights from our 2017 OneOffice research
– Our bold predictions for the future of the Digital Operations Industry in 2018
– Unveil our 1-2-3-4 Research Agenda for 2018