Webinar: Getting RPA to Scale

January 10, 2018


Getting RPA to Scale
Understanding the key elements of a transformational enterprise-wide RPA implementation


Despite all its promise, the majority of RPA projects today never progress beyond pilot programs. Fortunately, there are enough successful enterprise-scale RPA implementations available today to learn about well-planned RPA initiatives that go beyond the hype.


In this webinar, experts from HfS, Automation Anywhere, EY and Societe Generale will discuss the evolution of Intelligent Automation and RPA, and discuss the challenges (and solutions) are faced and overcome during a transformational enterprise-wide RPA implementation. What are the must-have functional capabilities that make an RPA platform rapidly deployable, highly scalable, granularly secure and, therefore, truly transformational for an enterprise?


Attend and learn:

  • What are the key lessons learned from early RPA deployments?
  • What are the main levers to scale those deployments?
  • How are the RPA technologies and approaches evolving?   



  • Sumeet Pathak, Senior Vice President, Global Solution Center, Societe Generale
  • Sharda Cherwoo, Senior Advisory Partner, Intelligent Automation, EY
  • Kashif Mahbub, Vice President, Product Marketing, Automation Anywhere
  • Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HfS
  • Tom Reuner, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Automation and IT Services, HfS
  • John O’Brien, Research Director, RPA Customer Experiences, HfS