Webinar: Are we ready for Digital HR? With HfS’ HR at-your-Service Practice

April 14, 2017

HR Technology Solutions and Services M&A’s have simmered right down in recent years as HR-as-a-Service offerings have largely been reconstituted. So what’s the trajectory for both of these markets now?  We know that digital has taken center stage, but will innovation and adoption cycles become more focused than in past years?  Or are enterprises just buying the cool new HR stuff without any real strategic gameplan to align it with a true HR and workforce strategy? 


HfS Research’s HR Practice tackles VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) head-on, as it rears its ugly head, not only for buyers and sellers of HR solutions and services, but for HR practitioners trying to navigate this steady stream of digital HR solution possibilities to support and empower the modern workforce.


The emerging Digital OneOffice environment is about breaking down boundaries within organizations and leveraging intelligent automation for maximum agility, efficiency and engagement. Join HfS team members Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, Steve Goldberg, Research VP, HR Technology and Workforce Strategies, and Khalda De Souza, Research Director, SaaS Services, as they discuss key dynamics unfolding in the HR solutions and services domains.


Participants will learn about:

  • The emerging Digital OneOffice Framework and the critical role for HR and talent management
  • Where HR SaaS Services and Solutions are headed, and implications for providers and customers
  • Opportunities to further align innovation and adoption cycles to drive business value
  • Exciting developments in cognitive, AI and predictive analytics
  • Changing perspectives on Human Capital Management
  • Key issues on the table for providers and customers