Webinar: Get smart about your Digital Underbelly or you’ll Fail to Scale

June 4, 2018

Let’s not kid ourselves: digital is all about speed. For most enterprises, Digital 1.0 meant real-time speed of response and speed to transact. As operating models mature the next wave of transformation will focus on speed to insight, speed to market and speed of reaction – the ability to make iterative changes based on feedback.

This means that as a CIO it is not enough to simplify, standardize and to secure IT. IT needs to provide innovation to the business and deliver business value through technology not just innovative technology. The maturity of cloud has gone hand in hand with the drive to digitize, breaking down enterprise IT silos and fuelling IT with the requisite speed and agility for digital today and digital tomorrow. What is the state of play in cloud today? How can it help enable both IT and business operating models for Digital.

 Participants will be better positioned to understand:

  • The state of the cloud market and major emerging trends
  • Cloud is fuelling “Software-enabled enterprise” and enabling digital
  • What makes a good service provider for the cloud
  • Managing cloud transformation to reach your Digital OneOffice framework



  • Timothy Jenkins, Lead Enterprise Architect, Independent Health
  • Jamie Snowdon, Chief Data Officer, HfS Research
  • Ashok Balasubramanian, Head of Services Transformation Group, Syntel
  • Phil Fersht, CEO & Chief Analyst, HfS Research
  • Ollie O’Donoghue, Research Director, HfS Research