Webinar Replay: HfS 2015 Research Agenda

December 19, 2014

HfS announces its 2015 Research Agenda and line up of industry-leading Blueprints. 

For 2015, HfS is focused on the evolution of the “As-A-Service Economy” which includes: Enabling Technologies, Operating Models and Platforms, Enabling Talent and The World We Live In as well as the tools/infrastructure and governance required in this new state of the business services market.  All of our research team are looking in 2015 to how this “As-A-Service Economy” impacts their personal areas of research and collectively we are looking at the aggregation of these trends into the broader market movement.  We will also bring this theme into the 23 Blueprints that we are planning to publish in 2015 which are also listed in the attached material.


 This webinar replay is available on request. Reach out to us to get access.