Webinar Replay: Moving Insurance Operations Into The As-A-Service Economy

December 11, 2014

The state of business process outsourcing for insurance industry processes is evolving today. HfS discussions with Property and Casualty (P&C) as well as Life and Annuities (L&A) carriers across the globe reveals that outsourcing buyers are looking for something new that goes beyond transactional back-office claim processing.  Today these buyers are looking for more advanced BPO capabilities including business platforms, robotic automation, actuarial, underwriting support and operational analytics. 
This webinar, from December 11, 2014, saw a lively discussion and debate on how BPO for insurance is changing to better meet the business needs of insurance carriers. We brought together two visionary insurance buyers – Ian Maher and Shaun Kelley, two executives from the service provider side – Keith Johnson and Brad Burdick from EXL, as well as HfS analysts Charles Sutherland and Reetika Joshi to share a vision for how insurance operations are moving towards an as-a-service model.

Our interactive panel discussion addressed the following topics:

  • The arrival of the “As-A-Service Economy” in insurance
  • The increasing process complexity of outsourced insurance operations
  • The proliferation of digital capabilities and business platforms for insurance
  • The potential of analytics-driven insurance decision making
  • The new models of governance for insurance BPO

 This webinar replay is available on request. Reach out to us to get access.