Transforming a Professional Services Firm with Intelligent Automation

October 25, 2017


The 21st Century Enterprise: Transforming a Professional Services Firm with Intelligent Automation

Early on, KPMG has understood the potential disruption of intelligent automation, both for themselves as a leading professional services firm as well as many of the industries they serve. Through their investments in intelligent automation, KPMG has been breaking ground using cutting-edge technologies to digitally transform their own organization to lower costs, improve quality and enable their professionals to deliver higher value to clients.


In this 60-minute webinar, an expert panel from HfS Research and KPMG, LLP will discuss KPMG’s own internal transformation and how clients can develop transformational business strategies of their own.


Participants will learn about:

  • Starting now – Intelligent automation will have an impact on your business now and in the future. The magnitude of disruption will be dramatic—it will be a transformational, generational shift. If planned and executed correctly, this journey will yield tangible benefits along the way.
  • Leveraging Trusted Data – digitizing your organization now so you can access that data that will enable these advanced technologies and capabilities.
  • Teaming up on experimentation – Start moving toward intelligent automation with a portfolio of projects. Get comfortable managing the portfolio in an environment with “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns.” Having more than one project underway will help you learn quickly, leverage learnings across projects, adapt and keep moving forward.
  • Building Self-reliance – To succeed on the Intelligent Automation journey, enterprises should build a support network of firms that can help them get their journey underway, assist in the transformation, stay up to date on the latest innovations and work toward a goal of becoming self-reliant.
  • Showing courage – Transformation and change can be hard, and it requires leadership and courage to take the first step when others are comfortable with the status quo. To achieve this, start with proof of value rather than proof of technology.