Webinar: The Digital Growth Engine driving highly disruptive Digital Business Models

May 4, 2018

Digital is all about creating new channels to market which support highly profitable, scalable and dynamic touchless businesses that can grow at a frantic, digital pace.  It’s easy to overlook the storage and processing power that are critical to support the emerging digital change agents, namely automation, AI, blockchain and analytics, so they can evolve with the needs of the business, without the threat of cyber attacks and cope flawlessly with massive volume at scale.  The impact of these technologies on the business can be highly demanding on a global technology foundation – and in many cases, such as blockchain and high throughput robotic process automation, the cloud infrastructure can become the biggest impediment to success if it isn’t managed effectively.  Hence, without a clear cloud strategy proving these foundations desperately needed in the modern enterprise, digital technologies are likely to fall far short of their potential.

In this webinar, we will share candid insights from our panel which include experts from Infosys, and an executive from an innovative digital firm, powered by the cloud, giving the current players a run for their money.



  • Ollie O’Donoghue, Research Director, HfS
  • Ernesto Lamaina, Founder and CEO, Adia
  • Umashankar Lakshmipathy, Senior Vice President & Regional Head – Cloud, Infrastructure and Security Services, EMEA , Infosys
  • Mohamed Anis, AVP & Regional Head – Energy, Resources and Services Verticals for Europe, Infosys