Webinar: The HFS Super Machine Learning Debate

September 10, 2018


The last two years witnessed machine learning (ML) offerings and applications progress, particularly in the enterprise context. However, many practitioners are hard-pressed to move beyond project-focused work to create robust ML practices. In this webinar, experts from HFS, Infinia ML, Genpact, and Mars Inc. will discuss the evolution of ML as an enterprise AI capability, the challenges it poses, and solutions for ML development. We’ll answer how organizations can prepare for ML, get past their data swamps,” and move away from science experiments to deliver business impact with ML.

 Attend and learn:
  • How have enterprises progressed in creating ML capabilities?
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid when starting out? 
  • What are the key contributors to “industrializing” ML?

  • Mike Salvino, Managing Director, Carrick Capital Partners, Executive Chairman, Infinia ML
  • Sanjay Shrivastava, Chief Digital Officer, Genpact
  • Sandeep Dadlani, Chief Digital Officer, Mars Inc.
  • Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research
  • Reetika Fleming, Research Director, HFS Research