Webinar: Watson Services

May 12, 2017

Business leaders today across IT and operations have heard a lot about cognitive technologies such as Watson in the last few years, but still lack clarity on practical applications. With IBM’s early investments in Watson and the opening up of its API economy, we’ve seen interest in Watson service provision from an array of multinational technology services firms. We undertook research to explore the early progress of services buyers and providers leveraging Watson to develop cognitive-based solutions to impact business outcomes such as improving operational efficiencies and reducing customer effort. In this webinar, we share themes from our newly released HfS Emerging Market Guide: IBM Watson Services.

View and learn:

  • Is Watson starting to evolve as an ecosystem for the broader industry just as we have seen with the likes of Salesforce and Workday?
  • Who are the third party service providers that are making investments in setting up Watson practices?
  • What are the examples out there today and how can buyers best leverage this evolving ecosystem of Watson-powered cognitive solutions?



  • Phil Fersht (bio)
  • Tom Reuner (bio)
  • Reetika Joshi (bio)