What is the real State of Operations & Outsourcing in 2019?

September 19, 2019






October 10th, 2019 |  11am (ET)  | 4pm (UK) 


Much has changed in just a year. Has there ever been so much noise and confusion when it comes to aligning enterprises’ operating models with the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? There is only one place to take the real temperature of business operations leaders to understand what’s really going in in their enterprises. In this highly anticipated webinar, be the first to hear the latest findings from the analysts behind the semi annual “State of Operations and Outsourcing” HFS Research study, supported by KPMG.


This annual research is now a staple event in the business operations calendar, based on in-depth interviews with 355 enterprise operations leaders in the Global 2000. The need for OneOffice operating models with the relentless pursuit to address unmet customer needs, operating models are being placed under extreme pressure to keep up with the pace of change surrounded by new and emerging technologies. What is being promised in the front end can be out of kilter to what is physically possible from a middle and back office delivery capability. What’s more, organizations have tirelessly centralized operations and used traditional value levers like outsourcing, labour arbitrage, and process standardization – but these efforts have left only smaller incremental improvements possible. With only 23% of operations leaders thinking their operating model is excellent.


During this special webinar moderated by HFS CEO & Chief Analyst, Phil Fersht, our panellists will address these ongoing challenges and discuss the following relevant topics:


• How are operating models shifting to accommodate the drive toward better customer engagement and technology adoption?


• Is outsourcing truly in decline or have the needs for external support changed?


• Are Global Business Services aligned with the direction enterprises are taking to deliver what the C-Suite demands?


• How is automation impacting the current and future operating model of global 2000 companies?


• The on-going balancing act to drive value into operation investment • What is the future for business services? Are we really going “Straight to Digital”, or is there an interim step along the way?



Phil Fersht, CEO & Chief Analyst, HFS Research



Saurabh Gupta, Chief Research Officer, HFS Research

Charles Arnold, Principal, KPMG

Anshul Varma, Advisory Managing Director, KPMG