Disruptive technology: Why you shouldn’t ignore Quantum computing.

August 9, 2019

Quantum computing is a truly exciting emerging technology. It is a new type of computing that provides a whole new fundamental way of solving particular computations. Quantum computing creates new ways to approach computational problems that classical computers have problems with, in particular modeling the natural world.

However, like most emerging technologies particularly ones as complex as quantum, it has attracted a disproportional amount of hype and misconception. These misconceptions range from “it won’t be around for decades” to “it will destroy all encryption/blockchain/bitcoin” via “we don’t need to care yet as it’s an all or nothing technology.”

In this webinar, experts from HfS, and Atos will tackle some of these misunderstandings and present the reality looking at the current state of Quantum computing technology. Addressing these key topics:

So what exactly is quantum computing? And how does it differ from traditional computing?

Is practical quantum computing still just a theory or just an impractical experiment with any stable use decades away?

What are the likely implications of Quantum computing and what, if anything, should enterprise organizations do to prepare?

What use cases exist for Quantum now and in the near future?



Ollie O’Donoghue, Research VP, HFS Research



Jamie Snowdon, Chief Data Officer, HFS Research

Sophie Proust, Chief Technology Officer, Atos

Henri Calandra , Expert in Numerical Methods and High Performance Computing for Geo-Sciences, Total