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Why Innovation Doesn’t Happen In Outsourcing

This POV discusses the top three reasons why innovation doesn't occur in most outsourcing relationships. Despite best intentions, organizations that fail to address these impediments will not likely produce meaningful innovations.

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With 50% Of IT Outsourcing Deals At Risk, How Are IT Outsourcing Providers Perceived?

premium-research|  With up to 50% of ITO buyers in our 2014 State of Outsourcing survey considering churning their current service provider this POV looks at just how 20 of those ITO service providers are perceived by buyers.

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Platform Play Features in More than Half of Insurance BPO Contracts

We add new datapoints and perspectives around insurance platform adoption gleaned from analysis of 219 insurance BPO contracts and exhaustive briefings/interviews conducted during Q1 2014 for the HfS Insurance BPO Blueprint.

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What Talent Acquisition Service Providers Can Learn From The Airline Industry

Lessons can be learned from the airline industry as Talent Acquisition Service leaders travel to compete for global business and inspire and motivate their teams to drive results, as both are essentially people businesses.

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Increased Focus On Innovation Reshapes The 2014 Hfs Blueprint Weightings

The results from our 2014 State of Outsourcing survey are reshaping the crowd-sourced weightings. We explain the new weightings and look at how an increased focus on innovation will drive the next release of our Blueprints.

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HfS Blueprint Report: Shared Services & Outsourcing (SSO) Governance Solutions

premium-research|  This Blueprint assesses the strengths and capabilities of Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO) Governance Solutions including both managed governance services and software providers.

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To Outsource Governance, or Do It Yourself

This POV provides research on the growing interest in the use of Managed Governance Services providers and details a set of criteria that can be used to determine whether engaging an MGS provider is a fit for your enterprise.

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SCM BPO Location Attractiveness

In this paper, we looked at the location attractiveness of 22 countries for Supply Chain Management BPO (SCM BPO) both their current share and future potential.

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The HfS Market Index: EMEA: IT Services and BPO Market Size and Forecast, 2014 - 2018

premium-research|  The EMEA IT Services Market is expected to grow at 3.1% CAGR 2013-18. At the same time, the BPO Market in EMEA is expected to grow at 4.7% CAGR.

Welcome to the Workforce Retention Crisis

Only a quarter of today’s workers have long-term plans with their current employers, yet employee engagement efforts can stave the exodus. Cross-team engagement is also critical for the success of the extended enterprise today.

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The Missing Link Between 'Marketing Operations' and 'Customer Experience Management’ Offerings

There are a range of marketing processes that tie into digital enabled customer lifestyle journey that we believe are ripe for service providers to take on.

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Luxoft Rides Digital Transformation to Success in Automotive

premium-research|  Luxoft is on a tear. Revenues rose 26% to $398 million last year mostly via organic growth and its recent efforts in Automotive today a great example of how IT services firms can ride Digital Transformation to success.

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