In 2014, the core theme for our research is centered on "Defining the Extended Enterprise of the Future." More

The Third Way of Robotics

A third way of bringing robotic process automation deployment to the enterprise is emerging. Robotics as a service is being brought to business processes by Genfour, an emerging UK-based service provider.

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Closing The Innovation Gap In Insurance Operations

In this report, we examine the state of insurance innovation, highlighting key success factors and opportunities for buyers and service providers.

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SIG Buzzes to the Progressive Sourcing Sounds of Nashville

Attendees at the SIG 2014 Global Sourcing Summit were talking more about models of progressive sourcing and orienting job roles to internal business needs than ever before and moving away from confrontational sourcing tactics.

Enabling the Digitally-Powered Enterprise: An Interview with Marc Strohlein

An exclusive HfS interview with Marc Strohlein, founder of Agile Business Logic, who explores why every enterprise should embrace digital transformation and how.

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TCS Breaks into the HfS IT Services Top 10

premium-research|  This document provides HfS top 10 IT Services Provider List in 2013.

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Ironshore Kickstarts Transformation Strategy with Genpact

Ironshore, a rapidly growing US specialty commercial P&C insurance company, has redefined itself and is now executing on its future target operating model in a journey that begin in 2012 with a relationship with Genpact.

Highlights: IT in Business Trends 2014

premium-research|  HfS interviews IT and business managers about their spending plans for 2014 and their perception of IT in their organization.

Q4 Results Increase Confidence in 2014 Growth: Provider Wrap-Up Q4 2013

premium-research|  This document examines the leading IT and business service providers revenue growth in Q4 2013.

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Don't Let Compliance Concerns Curb Workforce Transformation Efforts

The Moneyball analogy “Never use payroll as an excuse” is spot on with increasing workforce regulatory issues at play.

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The Ultimate Robotic Automation Debate

Slides from the April 7 2014 HfS webinar.

Accenture's Results Keeping Us Sweating in the Blocks Once More

premium-research|  This document examines Accenture's Q1 2014 (calendar) results.

KPMG Makes Its Digital Play and Wants to do More Than Just Advise

This report explores how two recent acquisitions by KPMG help to force clarity around this emerging opportunity while changing the landscape of delivery along the way.

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