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HfS Research announces its 2015 Research Agenda that will focus on the evolution of the "As-A-Service Economy." More

Luxoft - Writing the Interface to Growth

HfS recently visited Luxoft's development center in Kiev and got an inside view into what is driving the company’s success.

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Why Design Thinking Can Save the Outsourcing Industry

New research into the Ideals of As-a-Service points to the rise of Design Thinking and the cultivation of creative ideas as critical to more than four-out-of-ten enterprises today.

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What If There Was A “Good Outsourcing Index”

“The Good Country Index” ranks 125 nations based on how much they do "good" for each other globally. The ranking system focuses on how much they are doing for the greater good.

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Five Ways Automation and AI Are Enabling As-a-Service Delivery

In this PoV we look at how process automation and artificial intelligence are core technologies in bringing about the realization of the 8 Ideals of the As-a-­Service Economy.

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Advice for Workday Service Providers and Buyers

HfS recently published the Workday Services Blueprint, in which we outlined market trends and profiled eighteen of the leading service providers. Here we outline the key recommendations for service providers and enterprises.

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Can Today’s Providers Deliver the Elements of Digital Trust?

BPO and IT managed security providers (MSPs) must offer security solutions that enable enterprise and brand outcomes, directly reinforcing and improving the customer experience (CX) and digital trust of users and consumers?

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Can BPO Providers Make “Business Cloud” More than a Dream in Healthcare?

HfS Research shows that 67% of healthcare & pharma executives are willing to use "business cloud" if they find the solution that gives them speed to value. A number of service providers are stepping in with offerings & capabilit

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How Uncertainty Is Driving Engineering Services Outsourcing

We look at how industry uncertainty is one of the major driving forces behind the adoption of engineering services outsourcing.

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Pivoting Population Health for Patient Centricity

HfS interviewed Dr Arian Zai, Clinical Director of Population Informatics at Mass General Hospital, on focusing on outcomes and enabling the hospital to re­center its care on the patient as an individual.

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Dell Services: A Strong Enabler of Emerging IT

premium-research|  Attending Dell's latest analyst and adviser day, HfS got a glimpse into one of the reasons the company's services arm is well positioned to excel in the current environment of emerging technologies. Here's our take.

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HfS Blueprint Report: Procurement As-a-Service 2015

premium-research|  The new Procurement As-­a-­Service Blueprint looks at the changes that have arisen in this market since our initial Blueprint in 2013 across a record 18 service providers.

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Personalizing Medicine with “Intelligent Data” in the As-a-Service Economy

Approximately 3 in 4 pharma & healthcare participants rank “Intelligent Data”—real­time applied analytics models, techniques, & insights from big data—as having greatest potential impact through sourcing models.

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The new Procurement As-­a-­Service Blueprint looks at the changes that have arisen in this market ...

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