In 2014, the core theme for our research is centered on "Defining the Extended Enterprise of the Future." More

Deconstructing BPO for the As A Service Economy

The arrival of business platforms and process automation is changing the established forms of BPO. In this POV we deconstruct BPO to its core elements to see where that change will hit.

The Era of Enablement

Learning solution pioneer Skillsoft acquired SumTotal Systems to deliver relevant, real-world support to workers where they are working and when they need it in a new combined content, service, and software delivery paradigm.

Is Sitel’s Approach to Tech Integration in CEM The Way Forward?

We discuss the industry's approach to technology integration in customer experience management solutions, using for context our discussions from the analyst day event by Sitel.

Focus + Scale: Cognizant Acquires Cadient to Add to Healthcare

Having spent $2.7 billion on Trizetto, Cognizant’s intent for healthcare could not be more clear. This report explores why its latest acquisition of Cadient, though much smaller, is perhaps even more important for the firm.

SAP Commits to Services

New SAP HR line of business president Mike Ettling overtly declared that SAP is going to put the service in software as a service at the annual user conference of its acquired talent management cloud company SuccessFactors.

Big is Big: Accenture Brand Cache Swells with the G2000

Accenture is on a roll with the G2000, between co-branding with major clients and heightened spending on digital, IT services and BPO the business is strong.

Strategic Analysis of Deals Announced in September 2014

This POV analyzes the 31 deals announced in September for the key lessons to be learnt and for their alignment to the recent HfS research.

New Location Announcements By Service Providers & Captives In Q3 2014

This PoV analyzes the location moves of 21 service providers, and eight captives in the last quarter.

PeopleDoc: A Simple SaaS Solution to an Age-old HR Problem

PeopleDoc is helping GBS functions improve workforce efficiency and effectiveness through improved HR information accessibility and accountability with its workforce document management and contact center solutions in the cloud.

Workforce Transformation: Call for Entries

In an era of constant change, companies have to consider if organizational redesign, policy & process changes, technology automation, and outsourcing – or most likely a combination of all these things – is the right response.

Genpact Doubles Down on Front End Investments for Insurance

Based on HfS' attendance of Genpact’s inaugural insurance-focused event, we discuss the key messages and observations that we took away and their potential implications on the market for Insurance BPO.

F&A BPO Service Metric Analysis

premium-research|  This report serves as a Reference Guide for Service Level Metric Analysis for Finance & Accounting BPO Processes.

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This POV analyzes the 31 deals announced in September for the key lessons to be learnt and for their...