HfS Research announces its 2015 Research Agenda that will focus on the evolution of the "As-A-Service Economy." More

Digital Trust and the Issue of “Mass Risk at Scale”

The rapid pace of #digitaltransformation, the arrival of #IoT, and the rush by organizations to move assets online, has created nirvana for both private and sponsored hackers. Welcome to "mass risk at scale"!

Autonomics Advances the Conversation Beyond RPA

Arago's expansion into the US market is a reference point that the notion of autonomics is the next wave to create value in process automation beyond RPA.

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Salesforce.com Service Provision Must Have Real Investment to Succeed

HfS has launched our Salesforce Services Blueprint research. Here we share some early highlights and the Value Chain.

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The Lack of Ethics in Enterprise AI and Intelligent Automation

In the discussions around the notions of RPA and process automation, notions of ethics and discussions on the impact of the future of work are largely absent.

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Accenture Blueprint Profiles

premium-research|  A collection of the individual HfS Blueprint profile pages for 11 different Blueprints on Accenture from 2015 and 2014 that captures key strengths of the service provider.

Why We Need to Get Over the Uber Argument

It’s time to move on from this old chestnut and forget the “Uber” case for a while. Please.

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Innovation and Opportunities: A Conversation with Michael Corcoran of Accenture

A conversation with Michael Corcoran, Senior Managing Director, Global Growth & Strategy Lead at Accenture, from our As-a-Service Working Summit, on the disruptions and opportunities facing providers and enterprise buyers today.

From RPA TO AI: The HfS Intelligent Automation Continuum

To address the existing market confusion, HfS has developed a segmented approach to describing the various technologies that are positioned under the banner of intelligent process automation.

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Did the Next Big Thing in Healthcare Just Die?

Heath Net, a California healthcare payer entered into a transformative agreement with Cognizant that would have changed the face of third party service operations across the industry.

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Risk, Opportunities & #CX: A Conversation with Abid Ali Neemuchwala of Wipro

A conversation with Abid Ali Neemuchwala, Group President and COO of Wipro, recorded at our As-a-Service Working Summit, on the risks, opportunities, and custome­r-driven outcomes of this emerging economic model.

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The Other Shoe Drops in the US Healthcare Insurance Market

Anthem’s acquisition of Cigna, announced yesterday, creates a triopoly in the US healthcare market, where less than a month ago five separate healthcare insurers roamed the earth.

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Healthcare Payer Mergers Create Opportunity for “Capability Brokers” to Make a Mark

Healthcare payer mega­mergers create all kinds of organizational complexity & need for transformation. Fortunately, these payers have experts in their organizations to help make it happen: Capability Brokers. Are you one of them

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