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HfS Research announces its 2015 Research Agenda that will focus on the evolution of the "As-A-Service Economy." More

HfS Blueprint Report: Enterprise Analytics Services 2015

premium-research|  The 2015 HfS Enterprise Analytics Services Blueprint Report is a refresh on our November 2013 report. We discuss buyer challenges, market trends, differentiators for service providers, and include 19 service providers.

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Net Gain for SaaS Buyers: New Partnership Promises Sustained Integrations

No one single software can run all operations so a commitment by Ultimate Software and NetSuite to maintain all existing and future integrations including customizations at no cost to customers is a big win for the marketplace.

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HfS Webinar: Sourcing Savants 3.0

This webinar digests a manic six months to make sense of the as-a-service economy.

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“Run-better, run different”: Can the $10 Billion Cognizant thrive in the As-a-Service Economy?

premium-research|  Cognizant celebrated its 20 year anniversary by hitting $10 billion in revenues. HfS takes a look at how the company is reinventing itself for future growth in the As-a-Service Economy.

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Behind The Thriving Engineering Services Outsourcing Market Are Striving Service Providers

Engineering services outsourcing market is thriving now, thanks to the progressive engineering service providers which are striving hard to take engineering services outsourcing to the next level.

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Is Our Engineering Acquisition Prediction Coming True Already?

Is our 2015 prediction of big engineering services acquisition by top 6 India-centric service providers potentially happening?

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Why it's Critical to Develop an RPA Infrastructure Versus Tailored Point Solutions

Robotic Process Automation won't deliver on its potential if it's deployed as a tailored point solutions. RPA needs a broad cross-client infrastructure first that includes capabilities for chargebacks and other shared services.

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Top 30 Engineering Service Providers - How Good Are You in Execution & Innovation?

As we see five signals of evolution of engineering services from niche to mainstream, we plan to evaluate top 30 engineering services providers on their innovation and execution capabilities.

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Digital Opportunity In Asia-Pacific

Digital appears to be a significant opportunity in Asia-Pacific but surprisingly it is not on the radar screens of many regional service providers.

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iWatch, iWait, iWonder

After shipments begin in late April, we anticipate marketing departments across the G2000 will see their summers impacted by urgent requests to build out a presence on the Apple Watch.

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Capgemini’s ASE in the Hole for Digital Transformation

Capgemini's accelerated solution environments are one of the most effective tools we have seen for overcoming the natural constraints an enterprise faces when trying to embrace Digital Transformation.

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Ceridian Looks to Transform Human Resources to Human Relations with RelatedMatters Acquisition

As impressive as the HR, time, pay, benefits, compliance, and talent capabilities are in its solution to date, Ceridian’s RelatedMatters acquisition raises the Dayforce SaaS and services value proposition to a whole new level.

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