The HfS Blueprint Guide to Industry 4.0 Services


The understanding of Industry 4.0 and its impact on the manufacturing industry as Industry 4.0 is becoming an integral part of operational performance, and manufacturing excellence. In addition, it includes coverage of selected service providers in terms of Industry 4.0 services, and the adoption of Industry 4.0 in different industry verticals across geographies.



  • Industry 4.0 is not a dream anymore; it is a reality. Manufacturing enterprises have started their digital manufacturing transformation journey in "bits and pieces." Most of the clients have taken a phased approach to digital manufacturing implementation across the enterprise. • For the manufacturing industry, Industry 4.0 means a fundamental change to the “old way” of manufacturing operations. The change is not only limited to the manufacturing processes but to the organization workforce to oversee and manage the whole operation.
  • In Industry 4.0, outsourcing is not a just a mere cost advantage by doing the same thing more efficiently – to drive out time, cost, and labor by doing the over and over. But it is a competitive advantage by creating, connecting, monitoring, and managing digital clone of every physical asset in a manufacturing plant in real time.
  • With the implementation of digital and engineering technologies, the products and business models of the manufacturing enterprises will also be transformed, creating manufacturing operations more data intensive, faster, and flexible. Thus, identifying the scope of Industry 4.0 implementation in the existing business landscape is of paramount importance for manufacturing enterprises.
  • Service providers continue to invest in technology partnership, talent acquisition, and vertical capability augmentation to meet the continued challenge of Industry 4.0 implementation. Buyers are asking for selected business outcomes for specific business scenarios. This puts additional pressure on service providers to have the most effective solution for a particular business challenge.



Executive leaders and business unit leaders, technology leaders, management consultants, investment professionals, advisors, and outsourcing managers in manufacturing industry sectors.



Accenture, Altran, Atos, Cognizant, Genpact, HCL, IBM, Infosys, L&T Technology Services, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro



  • How the HfS Digital OneManufacturing framework can help manufacturers in their Industry 4.0 journey
  • Current most predominant use cases of Industry 4.0 getting implemented in manufacturing landscape
  • Recommendations for how service buyers and service providers can use Industry 4.0 solutions for innovation in manufacturing operations and overall enterprise level
  • What is Industry 4.0, the technologies involved in Industry 4.0, the relevance of it to manufacturing operations, and current adoption of Industry 4.0 across industries, technologies, services, and regions
  • How are service providers implementing Industry 4.0 principles and methods into the way they solve client business challenges
  • Strengths and challenges of the service providers covered in the analysis
  • What challenges are enterprises facing in their Industry 4.0 journey • How are service providers building their Industry 4.0 capabilities

The HfS Blueprint Guide to Industry 4.0 Services

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