We’re not so afraid of change as Horizon 3 unfolds before our eyes. The last 12 months were the most significant change in our lifetimes.

But we are still standing. Change doesn’t sound so scary anymore. Let’s head to 2022 together.

Key elements of the 2022 HFS Research Agenda

Digital is now Horizon 1: Digitally optimized processes to drive superior business outcomes across our business functions is necessary for survival. Cloudification of our infrastructure, applications, and processes is now inevitable. Enabling technologies like process automaton, machine learning, smart analytics are now proven and the focus should be on scaling them across the enterprise.

Despite significant progress in functional transformation, value continues to be leaked at the intersections: We need to look at our enterprise as a whole, not in silos. The OneOffice approach now resonates with practically 99% of enterprise leaders. End-to-end organizational alignment across front, middle, and back to drive unmatched stakeholder experience. While the digital narrative has been dominated by the technical debt in global 2000 enterprises, horizon 2 is about resolving the process debt and the talent equation.

Embracing change has also made us more ambitious as business leaders: Are we satisfied with slightly cheaper, slightly better, or somewhat faster, or are we searching for fundamental new sources of value? Horizon 3 initiatives that go beyond the walls of our own organization to collaborate across multiple like-minded organizations with common objectives are underway. Welcome to the OneEcosystem!

We must adapt to AND leverage these market shifts to avoid the “oh crap, I wish…” moment down the line. Our 2022 research agenda is designed to help our clients anticipate the changes, not merely react to them.