Welcome to OneEcosystem™, where connected Customer, Employee and Partner Experiences create new thresholds of value

HFS’ OneEcosystem™, vision centers on enterprise innovation transcending the walls of your organization

NEW YORK and LONDON (January 2022) — HFS Research today unveiled its OneEcosystem™ vision, outlined in an exclusive research publication authored by Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, and Saurabh Gupta, President of Research and Advisory Services.

According to Phil Fersht, “The OneOffice mindset has come of age in this virtual economy and the focus is rapidly shifting to multiple organizations collaborating to drive new sources of value, which we call OneEcosystem™.

“As we lurch from one uncertain world to whatever is coming next, there is one constant: effective virtual and physical organizations must have seamless collaboration and connection points across their ecosystems of partners if they want to remain relevant to their present and future customers.

“It is with that spirit that we unveil our research agenda for 2022 alongside our report that outlines the journey from Digital and OneOffice to the boundaryless world of the OneEcosystem™.”

The evolution from OneOffice to OneEcosystem adds the new dimension of partner experience to employee experience and customer experience:

You can read this report, Welcome to OneEcosystem™, where Partner Experiences create today’s new value, for free on right now.

HFS’ OneEcosystem™ research agenda outlines our robust plans to dig into these core issues:

  • Digital is Horizon 1. Digitally optimized processes to drive superior business outcomes across our business functions are necessary for survival. But despite significant progress in functional transformation, value continues to be leaked at the intersections of our functional organizations. We need to look at our enterprise as a whole—not in silos.
  • OneOffice is Horizon 2. Post the Pandemic Shock, the OneOffice mindset (end-to-end organizational alignment across the front, middle, and back to drive unmatched stakeholder experience) has emerged as the next frontier. While “digital transformation” focuses on resolving the technology debt, the OneOffice allows enterprise leaders to manage the ballooning talent and process debt that continues to be overlooked.
  • OneEcosystem™ is Horizon 3. In order to find entirely new sources of value across the customer life cycle, we need to look beyond the walls of our organization. OneEcosytem initiatives are designed to drive collaboration across multiple like-minded organizations with common objectives.
  • These horizons genuinely overlap. It is important to recognize that these horizons are rarely a linear progression but occur concurrently. You have to progress through digital first, then OneOffice horizons, all while enabling OneEcosystem™.

“Change is not a scary word anymore”, says Saurabh Gupta. “The last 12 months were the most significant change in our lifetimes”. But we are still standing. We must adapt to AND leverage these market changes to avoid the “oh crap, I wish…” moment down the line. Our 2022 research agenda is designed to help our clients anticipate the changes, not merely react to them.”

Our 2022 research agenda will help our clients anticipate changes, not merely react to them. Contact [email protected] if you want more information.

About HFS

HFS is a unique analyst organization that combines deep visionary expertise with rapid demand-side analysis of the Global 2000. Its outlook for the future is admired across the global technology and business operations industries. Its analysts are respected for their no-nonsense insights based on demand-side data and engagements with industry practioners.

HFS Research introduced the world to terms such as “RPA” (Robotic Process Automation) in 2012, Digital OneOffice™ in 2015, and the OneEcosystem™ in 2022. The HFS mission is to provide visionary insight into the major innovations impacting business operations such as Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Web3, Internet of Things, Digital Business Models, SaaS platforms, Sustainability and Smart Analytics.

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