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Accenture’s cybersecurity acquisitions add capability in the US and boots on the ground Down Under—CISOs, take advantage now!


Accenture’s 2019 cybersecurity firm acquisitions are a testament to the organization’s strategies to be a leading provider of end-to-end critical security in the US and to increase its footprint in Australia. As we well know, Accenture is not afraid to make a few acquisitions to bolster its armory, and it has once again demonstrated this buying power with the acquisitions of BCT Solutions (June 2019) in Australia and Deja vu Security (July 2019) in the US. Both of these enterprises focus on cybersecurity consultation. From these acquisitions, we can see that Accenture maintains its focus on the development of its cybersecurity assets and is expanding its knowledge in the market. BCT and Deja Vu are credible enterprises and valuable assets for Accenture customers to exploit.


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