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Need to address unstructured data challenges with RPA? Combine it with intelligent capture.

Nov 20, 2019 Elena Christopher


Agnostic ABBYY marks its territory as the intelligent capture specialist in end-to-end process automation.


Waaay back in the robotic process automation (RPA) olden days of 2017, HFS released our Triple-A Trifecta model. It is a simple Venn diagram that shows the intersection of automation with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. These elements are all valuable in their own right, but they are exponentially valuable together because they enable broader and potentially end-to-end process automation. Today, many enterprises are making progress with RPA and realizing that it does a great job of automating structured tasks and rules-based processes, but its core functionality does not address unstructured data. For any processes that require data or document capture, such as invoicing, claims processing, loan processing, or customer onboarding, the immediate practical complement to RPA is machine learning-enabled intelligent capture. With the Triple-A Trifecta on the brain, HFS attended ABBYY’s recent customer- and partner-focused Content IQ Summit in Nashville to see how the company is faring as a viable solution to help enterprises get more from automation.

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