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Organizations must learn how to work in this new paradigm of enforced home- working fast, or sink even faster

Mar 23, 2020 Cyrus Semmence

The jury is out on whether home-working is more productive than office-working. There are studies for and against, and others that are inconclusive. However, that doesn’t matter anymore; due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it’s happening now. Managers must make it work for them or risk reduced productivity or, at worst, business collapse. Some will be ahead of the game already due to having a distributed workforce and knowing that if you want the best people, you often have to go further afield than your local network to find them. These companies will have the tools and processes in place to manage a distributed workforce. Right now, though, many organizations still mandating office working for certain roles. The problem is how to turn these roles into remote ones.


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