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BPO Service Providers: you’re facing Hobson’s Choice. Embrace Automation, or Prepare for Oblivion



A Hobson's choice (see definition) is where only one thing is offered: the two options are taking it or taking nothing.

After more than two decades of development, the cost and scalability elements of the value equation delivered by traditional business process outsourcing have reached exhaustion point, and the industry stakeholders have no choice but to work together to create innovative means of delivering value to enterprise clients.  While BPO quality can be delivered in so many ways, such as high quality, responsive customer service and analytics, if you can’t leverage automation to do this at scale with significant cost reduction, you will be out of the game. 

The HFS Robotic Business Outsourcing Roundtable, supported by Automation Anywhere, brought together 24 key stakeholders from across the BPO industry to discuss how BPO service providers can deploy automation at scale to redefine this cost/scale equation. Together, we explored how this technology is changing the BPO landscape, how providers, if they want to survive this evolution have no choice but to embrace these new opportunities. 

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