Points of View

Broadening the Intelligent Automation Discussion Beyond RPA and Autonomics

Mar 23, 2016 Tom Reuner

The HfS Intelligent Automation Continuum is getting busy—both in terms of new market entrants and evolving automation approaches. While the broad segments of RPA, Autonomics and Cognitive continue to encompass large amounts of market activity, HfS is enhancing and fine-tuning the Continuum so as to better educate stakeholders and segment the intelligent automation market. A briefing by executives of Automic, a Vienna-headquartered automation software vendor, is only the most recent input that we are using to modify the Continuum.


Automic’s Business Automation platform addresses challenges that either are subsumed in the data center automation segment, predominantly around innovating runbooks, or arise when trying to integrate the disparate automation approaches depicted on the Continuum. Automic focuses largely on three automation approaches: workload automation, application release automation and service orchestration. Through object orientation, multi-tenancy, a clustered architecture and a central repository, the platform supports the following process steps:


  • Self services with approvals
  • Event triggers
  • Dynamic workload processing
  • Complex event processing
  • Policy management
  • SLA management
  • Critical path analysis
  • Workload forecasting


By focusing on these areas, the Automic platform is clearly approaching automation from an IT Operations position. As such, it provides a broad set of integration capabilities into IT Service Management, enterprise applications, software management tools and the leading cloud provider. However, Automic also aims to broaden its reach into business process-centric scenarios as well as Big Data automation. These approaches highlight that we have to enhance our Continuum with a segment focused on services orchestration. At the same time, we need to figure out how broad data integration and analysis can be integrated either in that model or how it needs to be discussed next to the Continuum.


Automic is bringing two capabilities to the discussion on Intelligent Automation: First, it is innovating around tools such as runbook that are easily overlooked with the market focusing on advances such as Autonomics. Second, and more importantly, Automic provides an orchestration platform that spans infrastructure, applications and business processes that will help to overcome the organizational stovepipes that hold back many organizations journey toward the As-a-Service Economy.


With this expanded capability strategy, Automic is also looking to develop a more extensive indirect channel to supplement its direct channel sales model. Partnerships with Genpact and Capgemini are the first examples for this shift in strategy, but Automic is aiming to broaden the early successes into a structured partner program.


Although Automic is an established automation vendor with a broad set of marque clients predominantly across Europe, it is only indirectly part of the broader discussion on Intelligent Automationfor instance as a component in Capgemini’s PaaS Autonomics platform. HfS is currently evaluating how the Intelligent Automation Continuum can be adapted to reflect this growing diversity of innovation in process automation. Stay tuned for more updates and get in touch should you be interested to discuss other innovative approaches: [email protected].