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By 2020, More Than 50% of Enterprise AI Adopters Will Face AI Fatigue

Feb 8, 2019 Tapati Bandopadhyay

A lot of AI initiatives that were in POC and pilot phases in 2017 and 2018 are going into production this year.


Expectations from these initiatives are sky high, but the challenges on ground in terms of scaling up adoption are already keeping the practitioners awake at night.


Given that the investments in AI initiatives are quite significant, the risks of failure of these programs due to lack of adoption and scale are very high too. A key reason of lack of adoption of AI solutions is the prevalence of a perceptible AI fatigue among the employees and users, workers and consumers alike. Reasons for this fatigue range from fear of the unknown to fear of losing the job or losing relevance, to the perceived lack of privacy, transparency, fairness and human visibility and control.


Here are five next practices that enterprises must use, to beat the AI fatigue and succeed in their AI programs.

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