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Genpact Picks up Design Firm on Digital Journey to OneOffice

Sep 7, 2017 Barbra McGann

Genpact is stocking up to partner with its clients on a digital journey to business outcomes. Its latest acquisition is of TandemSeven, a customer experience design firm with a dynamic journey mapping tool. The focus of this combination is on designing for end-to-end customer-centric operations, and integrating the front-, middle- and back-office people and activity into operating as OneOffice.


When HfS published the Design Thinking in the As-a-Service Economy Blueprint earlier this year, we looked at how service providers are working with clients to integrate person-centered design and experience in business operations through the use of design thinking expertise, methods, and tools. Genpact and clients shared with us how it’s bringing design thinking into the Lean Digital framework to combine with its heritage strengths in analytics and use of agile methods and artificial intelligence platform Rage Frameworks for innovation. However, Genpact lacked relevant design thinking tools and IP, breadth in capability, and experience. Until now, it relied primarily on partnerships with design firms and leveraging its delivery centers for developing prototypes.

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