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Getting the Ball Rolling with RPA in Healthcare Operations

Nov 10, 2016 Barbra McGann

Robotic Process Automation is acting as a conduit to more intelligent operations by executing rules-based tasks at super speeds, and creating more accurate and therefore more meaningful data pools. It’s also a way to tap into and pull out data from disparate and legacy systems, into a consolidated data pool for segmentation and analysis. This kind of activity is increasingly relevant for value-based health care –for identifying opportunities for population health initiatives, care intervention, billing, risk management, and reporting for reimbursement, for example.


In our research on Healthcare Payer Operations, and the subset of Population Health and Care Management as well, we are looking at how the health care industry—service buyers and service providers—are incorporating automation into their operating models and infrastructures. We take a snapshot of that activity here, with a few recommendations for how to get started, and how to partner in the use of automation with your business process service provider.


We also welcome your feedback, your challenges, and your stories. Please contact [email protected].

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