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LTI’s newly acquired virtual analyst “Leni” could power your analytics adoption

Aug 15, 2019 Reetika Fleming

Service provider LTI has announced its acquisition of Lymbyc, an artificial intelligence (AI) product firm based in Bengaluru, India. LTI has made significant investments in acquiring niche digital solutions firms over the last few years, such as Pega consulting firm Ruletronics and analytics startup AugmentIQ, and made the decision to acquire Lymbyc after a year of partnering with the firm on client projects.


Analytics and AI professionals can expect this move to bolster LTI’s intelligent automation platform, Mosaic, with the addition of a virtual assistant “Leni,” Lymbyc’s proprietary AI analyst. HFS sees this acquisition as part of a larger trend to introduce more AutoML (automated machine learning) into AI and automation platforms and environments to make decision sciences more accessible to business. Our research has found that enterprise performance is correlated to those businesses that are making data and insights more accessible to its employees, making this a high priority initiative for business leaders globally.

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