Points of View

Redwood gets under the hood of the OneOffice

May 10, 2017 Tom Reuner

Amidst the blurred discussions around RPA, organizations are starting toward the OneOffice™. While the direction of travel is starting to become clearer, we still lack clarity on the building blocks for getting closer to OneOffice™, and how we go about embarking on this journey. We discussed these issues with the leadership team of Redwood Software. Redwood’s value proposition is all about this journey, even though, and hardly surprising, this was far from clear when the company was founded back 1993. At the risk of oversimplifying, Redwood’s sweet spot and strongest differentiation lie in its domain knowledge of ERP based processes and in particular, SAP and Oracle. Consequently, the emphasis is on handling back-office processes end-to-end and not looking just for low hanging fruit to optimize, as we have seen far too often in the discussion around RPA. Yet, in a market that appears to get drawn back to discussions around RPA time and again, Redwood is keen to convey a differentiated narrative to stakeholders who are discussing automation issues.

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