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“Solv-e” your workforce models, or miss out on untapped talent

Sep 24, 2019 Melissa O'Brien Ollie O’Donoghue



Every enterprise needs to rethink how they source talent—or risk falling behind. A cursory glance at what makes well-known digital disruptors tick should tell us one thing: The way we build workforces of the future must change, whether we take the lead from the trials and tribulations of gig-economy poster child Uber or lesser-known innovators supplementing traditional talent models.


There are myriad examples of firms claiming to reinvent talent models for their clients or augment traditional structures. We’ve already dug into the value that Wipro’s TopCoder is adding to client engagements with its crowd sourcing model, but now we have another provider joining the ranks. Customer experience services firm Concentrix is hoping to tap into the gig economy by deploying its new Solv platform, which enables clients to leverage gig workers (Solvers) when they have an issue rather than rely directly on traditional call centers.


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