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The HR Power Tools 6-Pack for High-Impact Service Delivery

Jun 30, 2017 Steve Goldberg

This POV explores the six newest area of HR Technology Innovation: AI, Predictive Capabilities, Virtual Agents, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Virtual Reality and IoT (Internet of Things), and provides clear definitions, use case examples and recommendations for buyers/practitioners. All of these areas offer significant potential for transforming HR functions and related service delivery to internal customers.


Almost half of today’s HR Departments remain on the sidelines with respect to the use of RPA, as one HR power tool adoption example. RPA and Virtual Agents/Employee Assistants are also the main ways to allow HR functions to move from lower-to-higher value service delivery activities with the same or less HR staff. This is not exactly a major indictment of HR professionals as both RPA and Virtual Agent capabilities in the market are still in the very nascent phase. That said, it’s time to get moving if you haven’t already. Given the unprecedented pace of change in these HR technology areas, and more proof points gradually getting compiled by vendors and customers, it’s certainly conceivable that the percent of organizations leveraging these capabilities will double or triple in the next 24 months. That could easily result in your company losing ground in various aspects of HR service delivery or workforce management if you just wait.

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