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5G, process automation, and IoT are the top investment focus for industrial manufacturers in near-term

July 28, 2021

  • Majority of the industrial manufacturers are still focusing on achieving operational efficiency and control, which is prominent from the near-term investment priority.
  • Blockchain has gained significant attention from the manufacturing leadership as it offers several benefits in supply chain and 3D- printing design transfer, among others. As IoT applications are becoming popular, Cybersecurity (both from the IT and OT side) becomes a critical aspect for manufacturers.
  • Covid-19 has accelerated the importance of automation across the organization (including shop-floor operations) due to remote working, restriction of workforce movement and distancing norms, etc.
The Bottom Line: As COVID-19 has shown the possibility that many of the core manufacturing activities can be accomplished through virtual collaboration and limited physical presence, manufacturers need to rethink the technology possibility across the organization. As digital has shown the promise of increased productivity, efficiency, and collaboration, manufacturers need to explore the possibilities of those based on their landscape.

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