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HfS Blueprint Report: Design Thinking In The As-a-Service Economy 2017

What this Blueprint Report Covers:

The use and impact of Design Thinking in services engagements as it takes shape as an integral part of business operations and outsourcing solution and service design and delivery. It includes coverage of selected service providers in terms of Design Thinking integration into the way service buyers and service providers are working together.


Key Market Dynamics:                        

  • Outsourcing used to be about doing the same thing more efficiently – to drive out time, cost, and labor by doing the over and over. But in this emerging As-a-Service Economy, outsourcing is about getting access to capabilities and driving to impact outcomes.                        
  • In this context, Design Thinking sits the intersection of analytical and empathetic-centered work in business process and IT operations and outsourcing. It also provides an outlet and a framework for creativity.                        
  • For the services industry, it means making fundamental changes to the “old way” of service design and delivery.                        
  • Being successful in today’s consumer-focused and rapidly changing economy requires companies to be more flexible and innovative, faster.                        
  • This is driving the shift to service solutions being designed with empathy, real business context and creativity, as opposed to looking at process and technology alone.                        
  • Industrialization, standard delivery methods, Lean Six Sigma, global delivery models are all valuable tools for business and IT operations, and we see service providers looking to integrate Design Thinking here, not replace.


Who Should Read This Report:

Executive leaders and business unit leaders, technology leaders, advisors and outsourcing managers in all industry sectors.


Service Providers We Discuss:

Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, Concentrix, EXL, Genpact, Infosys, Sutherland, Tech Mahindra/BIO Agency, Wipro


What You’ll Know After Reading:

  • Recommendations for how service buyers and service providers can use Design Thinking for innovation in business operations and outsourcing
  • How service providers are integrating Design Thinking principles and methods into the way they work internally and with clients
  • What is Design Thinking and the relevance of it to business operations and outsourcing engagements
  • Strengths and challenges of the service providers covered in the analysis                       

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