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HfS Blueprint Report: Procurement As-a-Service 2016


The 2016 HfS Research Blueprint Report for Procurement As-a-Service provides a unique overview of the rapidly changing market for procurement outsourcing services. This Blueprint places as much emphasis on innovation as on execution across the Procurement As-a-Service Value Chain: Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Management, Transactional Procurement, Technology Management and Contract Management.



  • Service Providers Rigorously Moving To As-a-Service: Service providers have made extensive efforts to incorporate As-a-Service into their delivery model. Pure “lift and shift” transactional procurement has further reduced and gives way to consulting led sourcing, more modular, integrated, technology based As-a-Service solutions, with more and more Business Process As-a-Service (BPaaS) solutions being offered.
  • Procurement Technology And Technology Management Taking Center Stage: Provider’s proprietary technology platforms have a bigger role in delivery and buyers are investing in SaaS based procurement platforms like Ariba, Coupa, SMART by Gep and Tradeshift. Technology Management is a growing part of procurement outsourcing.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Deals Are Getting Smaller And Shorter: Driven by As-a-Service and platform adoption at the core of procurement, the role of manual labor has decreased, automation has introduced new efficiencies in processes and buyers have had new alternatives for large scale outsourcing. This is reflected in the average length and value of procurement outsourcing contracts.

Also, read about new entrants to the As-a-Service Winner’s Circle, the Amazon Effect, the end of the Mega Deal, the competition for Strategic Sourcing and Category Expertise heating up and how Transactional Procurement continues to change.



Chief Procurement Officers and procurement professionals with an interest and/or responsibility for procurement outsourcing and new Procurement As-a-Service offerings. As well as executive leaders and business unit leaders, technology leaders, advisors and outsourcing managers in all industry sectors.



Accenture, Aegis, Capgemini, CSC Xchanging, Denali, Genpact, GEP, HCL, IBM, Infosys, L&T Infotech, Proxima, TCS, Wipro, WNS



Readers will gain insight into the capability, vision and investment priorities of the service providers included in the Blueprint report. We also outline the strengths and challenges to take into consideration for these service providers. We also provide a top-level trends analysis of the growth and evolution of pricing models in the Procurement Outsourcing market, where most of the current business is concentrated and which areas we expect to see the most growth in over the next few years. In addition, there are recommendations sections for buyer enterprises as well as the service providers.

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