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HfS Industry Blueprint: Utility Operations 2018



The HfS Industry Blueprint: Utility Operations 2018 examines the state of the utility industry and investigates how the service provider landscape is supporting and enabling the digital transformation of utilities.


We analyzed the capabilities of 18 service providers across the utility operations value chain to develop a comprehensive analysis of industry-specific business services and solutions.


The report quantifies the health of the utility sector, examines buyer objectives for digital transformation, provides emerging use cases for key change agents, reviews provider developments, and makes recommendations for buyers and providers of utility operations business services. 




Readers will gain insight into:


  • Health of the utility industry
  • Utilities’ objectives for digital transformation
  • Emerging use cases for key change agents (IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence)
  • Growth areas for Utility Operations services in over the next few years
  • Analysis of disrupting forces in the utility industry
  • Insight into trends in Utilities outsourcing contracts
  • An understanding of provider capabilities across the Utility value chain via heatmaps
  • Knowledge of recent provider developments that impact their ability to support utility clients
  • Recommendations sections for utilities as well as the service providers




The utilities industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented change. After a good century of relative stability, the last two decades have been turbulent and if we are reading the signs right, this is only the start of a much bigger change in the way the world produces and consumes energy, particularly electricity.


Utilities across the globe are struggling to drive growth and profit. Power demand is growing on a global scale, but locally—and especially in western nations—demand is flat or decreasing.


Digital transformation is at the top of the agenda for utility executives. The traditional thoughtful and conservative approach to change and innovation has resulted in the industry lagging other sectors in adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Change agents are causing disruption in the industry and forcing utilities to speed up transformation.


Customers’ expectations have drastically changed. Utility customers expect different experiences when dealing with utilities and prefer to use digital channels to interact. The growth of distributed energy assets is enabling energy consumers to produce energy as well, creating a new type of customer—the prosumer—placing even more strain on utilities to improve customer experiences. Customer experience expectations are raised by players from outside the utilities market: utilities need to align the experiences of their customers to their expectations, which have been changed dramatically by Internet companies as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.




Executive leaders and business unit leaders, technology leaders, advisors and outsourcing managers in the utility industry. Service provider professionals working for utility clients. 



Accenture, Arvato, Capgemini, Capita, CGI, Cognizant, Conduent, DXC, EXL, HCL, IBM, Leidos, NTT DATA, TCS, Tieto, Vertex, Wipro, WNS.

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