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Providers have transformational opportunities across industries with top IT budgets

July 6, 2021

Service providers have opportunity to play a value-added transformation role through the domain specific consulting skills, backed by their strong technology and delivery skills.

  • Telecom: Rightsizing staff, de-risking supply chain to ensure resiliency and improving brand value are the top 3 priorities.
  • Travel, airline. and hospitality: De-risking supply chain to ensure resiliency, identifying new markets for products and improving virtual experience of customers are the top 3 strategic priorities for travel and hospitality firms.
  • BFS: Hunkering down cost, rightsizing staff and competing against “digital native” disruptors are the top 3 strategic priorities for BFS firms. Additionally, BFS firms look to enhance the customer experience through contextual transformation in the areas such as payments, mortgages and lending. Last but not the least, cloud manifests in all these transformation journeys as a key enabler.
The Bottom Line: Strategic priorities across the top 3 industries point to the need for enhanced customer experience, resilient supply chain, transformation based on the expected outcomes in specific areas within these industries and creating the ability to bend the cost curve as enterprises fast forward with digital initiatives.

Given this situation, service providers can play an end-to-end transformation role, which needs strong domain specific consulting skills.

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