Robotic Process Automation

The secret to automation success is using the right tools in the right way; Arla Foods gets practical with RPA

Oct 09, 2019

HFS with support from Blue Prism, is showcasing real enterprise journeys with robotic process automation (RPA). This report spotlights Arla Foods, a Scandinavian multinational dairy cooperative. It does not have the most bots implemented, but it has scale

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Enterprise AI Leaders Must Take a Consulting Driven Approach: Best Practices from Infosys

Oct 01, 2019

A key reason that many AI early adopters are not too happy with AI’s business value is that in several cases, the journey map had technology-first direction, but they should have had a business-first focus. This business-first approach is imperative to

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Enterprise leaders must learn from the key priorities of Cognizant: Collaborate and co-create Solutions with tech partners

Sep 30, 2019

HFS Research attended Cognizant's APAC Advisory Summit in Singapore. We believe Cognizant is focusing on building proprietary products by partnering with tech vendors to compete effectively with its peers.

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You need orchestration to scale attended automation. That’s why Automation Anywhere acquired Klevops.

Sep 27, 2019

Automation Anywhere (AA) recently announced its acquisition of Klevops declaring a “new Attended Automation 2.0.” HFS sees this as a much-needed injection of orchestration.

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Industry adoption of RPA is more nuanced than you think—see if you’re in line with your industry peers, leading, or lagging

Sep 05, 2019

Do you think RPA adoption is solely the purview of the world’s biggest banks and insurers? If you did, you would be wrong. True, there are lots of highly visible banking and insurance RPA use cases out there, but there is marked progress in other industri

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Continuous change management must underpin enterprise automation journeys

Sep 02, 2019

HFS, with support from Blue Prism, is showcasing real enterprise journeys with robotic process automation (RPA). This report spotlights Henkel, a Germany-based global manufacturer of industrial and consumer goods, on its journey to create a hybrid workfor

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BPO Service Providers: you’re facing Hobson’s Choice. Embrace Automation, or Prepare for Oblivion

Aug 09, 2019

BPO quality can be delivered in so many ways, but if you can’t leverage automation to do this at scale with significant cost reduction, you will be out of the game

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Disruption picks up pace in financial services—drive innovation or risk irrelevance

Aug 06, 2019

The explosion in fintech and other emerging technologies creates opportunities to radically overhaul business models and business practices.

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Why an integrated automation approach to RPA and APIS is critical to achieve your data needs

Jul 30, 2019

We’re often asked where RPA fits relative to APIs. RPA can help achieve desired process outcomes as part of a "toolbox" approach to integrated automation

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