Connecting the blocks: The future of enterprise blockchain

October 6, 2020

In this episode of HFS UNFILTERED, host Steve Dunkerley is joined by HFS Chief Research Officer, Saurabh Gupta to explore the latest developments in enterprise blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and where it is heading.

Our special guests are from companies who have already incorporated DLT as part of everyday operations:

First of all, Mariana Gomez de Villa, Program Director Distributed Ledger Technology at ING

While ING has gone live with its commodity trade finance operations underpinned by Quorum via the Komgo network the bank has been involved with 44 POCs and 8 live pilots harnessing a number of different DLT platforms for various applications.

Secondly, Rohit Amberker, Director of Finance, Microsoft

Microsoft’s gaming division, X-Box, has implemented Quorum DLT via Azure Managed Services in order to manage royalty payments for the game publishing community.

The topics discussed include:

· Why DLT is not more mainstream

· DLT’s  relationship with ERP

· The impact that can be achieved when combining emerging technologies

· Which DLT platform will win in the end

· DeFi, bullet proofs and zero knowledge based proofs