Is the pandemic the burning platform for automation?

January 12, 2021

This episode of HFS Straight Talk podcast discusses the post-pandemic outlook for enterprise automation, gleaning insights from a recent HFS study produced in association with IBM entitled “The five automation “have-to-haves”— you won’t achieve your digital nirvana without them.” 

Our host, Reetika Fleming is joined by the author of the study, Elena Christopher, IBM automation software leader, Ed Lynch as well as one of the study’s enterprise participants, Andy Shapcott from Lloyds Banking Group.

Together they discuss how the pandemic took away the optionality of digital transformation and anointed the canon of automation technologies as the enablers of digital change. Key discussion points include:

· What was the pre-pandemic baseline for automation?

· How has the pandemic impacted enterprises’ digital transformation journeys and the role of automation?

· What can we do to make tangible progress in 2021 and beyond?


Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President Research, HFS

Andrew Shapcott, Product Owner – Intelligent Automation, Lloyds Banking Group

Ed Lynch, Vice President, Business Automation Software, IBM


Reetika Fleming, Vice President Research, HFS