The Shero Diaries with Holly Cooper

November 29, 2021

Welcome to the podcast – “Story-Pod with Nischala”. As part of this exclusive podcast, you can tune into stories with amazing people across the world. Through these stories, you will listen to ideas that matter, real-world insights and positive inspiration.

As part of the series “The Shero Diaries”, our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Nischala Murthy Kaushik talks with influential and powerful women leaders from across the world.  In each episode, we profile a corporate shero and you will hear about their personal life and career journey, choices and decisions which influenced them and reflections from these experiences.

Our featured shero in this podcast Holly Cooper

In her current role she serves as General Manager of Public Safety and Curbside Management at Conduent. With her career spanning more than 20 years, Holly is passionate about providing solutions that utilize analytics and automation to improve public safety and promote equity by reducing bias in public safety operations. She has built security projects for major data centers, industrial and commercial properties, as well as integrated solutions for schools and churches.

Starting her career in the male-dominated construction industry, Holly is an ardent supporter of causes that elevate women. She mentors young girls and women to avoid setting limits based on gender or traditional societal roles. Driven by her faith and family values, Holly frequently speaks at conferences on the importance of leading with compassion and empathy, in addition to tenacity and strength. Holly is an executive sponsor of Conduent’s Women’s Impact Network, where she mentors associates on achieving their personal and professional goals.

Holly married her high school sweetheart and has two children. She credits her family for her multitasking wizardry, and as her inspiration to drive continuously forward to achieve career success.

This podcast has 3 sections

  1. Know your shero – in which we talk about backstories around the influence of family, upbringing, education and your career journey.
  2. Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Skills – in which we talk unfiltered on how to build diverse and inclusive organizations.
  3. Rapid Fire – in which we hear quick and quirky responses from our featured shero.

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