The Shero Diaries with Eva Sage Gavin

March 11, 2021

Welcome to the podcast – “Story-Pod with Nischala”. As part of this exclusive podcast, you can tune into stories with amazing people across the world. Through these stories, you will listen to ideas that matter, real-world insights, and positive inspiration.

As part of the series “The Shero Diaries”, our Chief Storyteller and Vice President, Nischala Murthy Kaushik talks with influential and powerful women leaders from across the world.  In each episode, we profile a corporate shero and you will hear about their personal life and career journey, choices, and decisions that influenced them and reflections from these experiences.

Our featured shero in this podcast Eva Sage Gavin.

In her role as a Senior Managing Director in Accenture’s Talent & Organization/Human Potential practice, Eva Sage-Gavin helps clients harness digital technologies and evolve their workforces to innovate, unlock human potential, and drive transformation. She is also a faculty member and mentor at Santa Clara University for the Corporate Board Ready Program to prepare women and racially diverse candidates for Board Director opportunities.

This podcast has 3 sections

  1. Know your shero – in which we discuss the importance of education, the influence of family and career journey
  2. On leadership, diversity, skills and life lessons – in which we cover aspects on women in leadership, skills, handling diversity and inclusion at the workplace
  3. Fun Rapid Fire – in which we talk about books, travel, and life outside of work

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