The Shero Diaries with Pooja Herwadkar

July 28, 2021

Our featured shero in this podcast Pooja Herwadkar.

Pooja Herwadkar is VP, Head of Group Industrialization & Automation. She has been with Capgemini for more than 18 years and has experience across many industry sectors, regions, and disciplines. She has expertise in pre-sales, organization design, delivery, and transformations. She has been instrumental in providing strategy and thought leadership for Capgemini’s ADM offerings and technology office setup. Until recently she was the India business unit leader for a cluster of 11 European countries with six market units and was responsible for delivery and India lead sales for these market units.

She is passionate about creating more opportunities for women to thrive in IT and encourages success through focus, hard work, and confidence. She is a passionate conservationist and farming enthusiast. She has also won several awards like First woman and the first Indian to receive the Engagement Management (EM), Level 4 certification from Capgemini University and Capgemini Delivery Diamond Award.

This podcast has 3 sections

  1. Know your shero – in which we talk about backstories around the influence of family, upbringing, education and her career journey. We also look at forward-looking stories on where our shero is headed
  2. Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Skills – in which we talk unfiltered about leadership, making choices and skills to lead in today’s era. We also dwell into ideas on how to build diverse and inclusive organizations
  3. Rapid Fire – in which we hear quick and quirky responses from our guests

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