Unfiltered Stories: AI in Healthcare

November 10, 2021

On this edition of Unfiltered Stories, Rohan Kulkarni, Healthcare Practice Leader at HFS, looks at AI in Healthcare with Nikhil Mendhi, COO at Exponential AI.

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been scaling in a number of industries and healthcare is no stranger to it. AI has been the driver of the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines, driving evidence-based medicine and the brains to improve accuracy of diagnosis. As AI evolves, it will go beyond alerting to intervention, so as unnerving that is, it is a journey we have already started upon. So, get onboard and see where we go next.

The podcast has 3 parts:

1. Setting the stage – Getting to understand AI in healthcare through the eyes of an AI native firm called Exponential AI.

2. Let’s talk unfiltered – Exploring how AI is manifesting in healthcare:

  • Are health plans missing the opportunity by deploying AI to solve legacy problems instead of crafting the path forward?
  • The use of AI in the healthcare devices and hardware.
  • The role of ethics in AI when human health and healthcare is at stake.
  • The talent-war that will be exacerbated as the demand far exceeds the supply of smart people.

3. Looking into the future – Should we be afraid of the next iterations of AI, will it become my doctor & conduct surgery? And what do we see the role of AI in our fight to reverse climate change driven human behavior.

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