Unfiltered Stories: ERP as a Platform

October 19, 2021

Business applications are adapting Cloud-first model, but is this just a lift and shift of traditional on-premise ERP onto a Cloud Model? You can listen above or watch the video here:

Learn how Unit4 is rethinking what people-centric business need from their financial, project, and billing solutions and why HFS thinks it matters. Join Joel Martin, Research Leader for Cloud and Applications at HFS and Dmitri Krakovsky, Chief Product Officer at Unit4 in their discussion on how the new ways of thinking about businesses are more important than just adding features and functions to critical business systems.

This podcast has 3 sections:

  • Setting the stage: How are business operations changing as more software and services move to the Cloud?
  • Let’s Talk Unfiltered: What are the differences in how people-centric businesses are operating versus product centric organizations? What should these new platforms enable in the organization and with the users? How is the business becoming more involved in the design, development, and consumption of data?
  • Looking to the Future: What are the emerging game changers that companies need to be prepared to innovate for? How will a company need to adapt its financial, project, and human capital management to be competitive as we enter into a new way of working?

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