Webinar: How a Leading Wine Producer Is Making Digital Order Management a Reality

August 14, 2018


A case study on building a Sentient Supply Chain in Digital OneOffice™ fashion


To stay ahead in the market, global process owners must transform their core functions and “go digital,” especially when it comes to reforming supply chains. Legacy systems and processes restrict functions and organizations. Manual inefficiencies and siloed departments hamper enterprises’ abilities to upgrade and connect their processes and functions with technology. However, when market players transcend these problems and invest in their technological base, they surge ahead of their competition.


HFS describes the design and implementation of the digital customer experience and the creation of an intelligent, single office to execute and support it the “OneOffice” vision. The Digital OneOffice is where the organization’s people, intelligence, processes, and infrastructure come together as one integrated unit.


Businesses often struggle to recognize the need for change and, crucially, where to focus to make it happen. But with new artificial intelligence tools and platform-driven ecosystems, future supply chains will be more than intelligent, they will be sentient: connecting and transforming data, documents, and communications into structured, usable information relationships that matter to the business.


Such platforms enable real-time management across multiple functions, systems and enterprises for a OneOffice view that drives perfect orders and payment cycles, including relevant and significant improvements in cost, quality, and stakeholder experience. HFS Research, Sentient Supply Chain platform provider OmPrompt, and giant Chilean wine producer Concha y Toro will discuss issues of supply chain maturity and the evolution of analog to digital order management, as well as the challenges in (and solutions for) making Digital OneOffice a reality.


Attend and learn:

  1. How to jump-start your journey from analog to digital order management for a more sentient supply chain
  2. How AI-driven platforms are connecting enterprises with their customers, suppliers and third party logistics (3PLs)
  3. The drivers behind supply chain maturity and how to start achieving a OneOffice view
  4. The role of culture and change management in Digital OneOffice success



  • Claire Reaney, Head of Logistics, Concha y Toro
  • Katherine Moorhouse, Customer Service Manager, Concha y Toro
  • Gareth Bennett, Head of Product Strategy and Services, OmPrompt
  • Derk Erbé, Research Vice President, HFS Research
  • Saurabh Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer, HFS Research