The Blue Prism RPA customer spotlight – Getting beyond the hype

September 23, 2019



October 17th, 2019 |  11am (ET)  | 4pm (UK) 

Robotic process automation (RPA) is not a panacea it’s a software tool. It’s really great at automating standardized processes using structured data in its own right and its functionality is extended when used with supporting tools and resources like SQL scripts, APIs, or cognitive capture tools. The market hype associated with RPA continues to be massive, however it is increasingly tinged with disappointment around missed objectives and lackluster returns on investment. But this may be a good thing. Perhaps the cold slap of mediocre results can awake us from the daze of thinking a singular magical software tool is going to transform our businesses, mass produce bags of money, and slash headcount without any need for massive change management or process reinvention. The increasingly clear reality is that RPA is actually a great tool when used correctly and with a strong supporting cast of complementary tools and supported by an execution approach that prioritizes solving problems not standing up bots.

Join us for this webinar where HFS turns the spotlight to enterprise customers of Blue Prism RPA. We’ll have an open and honest discussion about how these enterprises make RPA work for their respective businesses long after implementation is done and the consultants went home.


Key themes include:


  1. The importance of WHY – the value of a unifying business driver
  2. Technology is only 10% of the solution – the new golden triangle of people, process, and technology
  3. Digital change management – what is it and how to do it
  4. Balancing IT skills and business context – the need for citizen developers
  5. Process reinvention versus ‘as is’ automation – when to go big and when to use a band-aid



  • Elena Christopher, Senior Research Vice President, HFS



  • Maciej Obuchowski, Process Automation Manager, Arla Foods
  • Sebastian Whelan, Executive Head: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Old Mutual
  • Peter Walker, Chief Technology Officer, Blue Prism
  • Karsten WenzkeRobotics Process Automation Consultant, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA



Case studies


Henkel –


MetLife –