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The pandemic molded enterprises to embark on a digital transformation journey

Phil Fersht, Founder, CEO, and Chief Analyst of HFS talks with Manish Sharma, Group Chief Executive of Accenture Operations.

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Unselfish leadership is the concept that is still relevant in today’s world

Digi-side Chat on Unselfish Leadership with Jesus Mantas, Senior Managing Partner, IBM.

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Relentless execution and team building sailed Coforge in turbulent waters

Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst at HFS talks with Sudhir Singh, CEO and Executive Director at Coforge Ltd.

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Empathy, disruption, and curiosity create business and IT collaboration

Digi-side Chat with Anand Birje, SVP of Digital Business at HCL, on leading with empathy and curiosity.

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More change is going to come, but nothing is more important than people

At our Digital Symposium, HFS CEO Phil Fersht joined Tiger Tyagarajan, President and CEO of Genpact, for a candid Digi-side Chat.

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Experience the exponential age at the intersection of technology and society

Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst of HFS talks with Azeem Azhar, Founder of Exponential View. The two explore why some businesses exploited the pandemic to fully digitize themselves and others plummeted... or are plummeting.

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Can we tame the business monster? The future of work and technology

At our Digital Symposium, HFS' own Saurabh Gupta was joined by Paul Roehrig for a candid Digi-side Chat.



Automation industry must step up to show both C-suite and workers the full bounty on offer

Phil Fersht, Founder, CEO and Chief Analyst of HFS, moderates a panel about the rapid move towards a more comprehensive set of capabilities as enterprises strive to make automation native within their post-pandemic OneOffice roadmaps.


Focus more on data-centric new ways of working and decision making

In this session, moderated by Reetika Fleming, Research VP at HFS, our visionary panel of data, analytics, and AI leaders discuss how understanding the data cycle gets us ahead of our markets.


Unraveling The Current Innovation Wave & The Power of Technology

Saurabh Gupta, President, Research & Business Operations at HFS, moderates this panel. We’ve been hyping the emerging wave of technology as the imperative for survival to avoid being disrupted since the advent of the Internet. However, many enterprises have continued to limp along for years, papering over the cracks and staying in the game.


Before you “git some AI,” be practical about the problems you’ll solve with it and how

The value of emerging tech is how we apply it to solve real-world problems. Elena Christopher, Senior VP, Research, HFS, moderates this panel.


Put people first to succeed with digital transformation

Saurabh Gupta, President, Research & Business Operations at HFS, moderates this panel, which concludes that digital transformation fails for three key reasons—culture, talent, and process debt.


Shaping the 2025 Vision for our Industry

HFS took the debate LIVE across the internet, cutting through all the fluff and noise to crystalize a vision for 2025 and beyond. This session – moderated by Nigel Edwards, Chief Client Officer at HFS and Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst at HFS – featured a who's who of industry luminaries.


Hottest of the Hot Vendors

David Cushman, Research Director, Emerging Tech OneOffice Platform at HFS, moderated our very own Shark Tank – the OneOffice version. This exciting session spotlights a cross-section of HFS Hot Vendors, up and coming disruptors that are enabling the OneOffice.

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Welcome to the power of ONE

Organizations have just taken a rapid drive down an unprecedented channel of change. It’s been a shock for many and a calling card for the digital era.

The people

The HFS analyst team

Meet the people behind the HFS OneOffice Digital Symposium.

Killer charts

The Killer Charts You Should See Today

We present 22 charts that surprised our analyst team, categorized in the following areas: OneOffice, Emerging Tech, IT and Business Services, and Industry.

Thank you!

Thank you to the 70+ speakers

There were 70+ speakers at the HFS OneOffice Digital Symposium. Like musicians in a symphony orchestra, each speaker played a valuable role in making the overall experience EPIC!

Social media coverage

HFS OneOffice Digital Symposium social media coverage

The HFS OneOffice Digital Symposium lit up social media with panelists and delegates keen to share what they were witnessing in one of the technology leadership events of the year.


Notable quotes from the HFS OneOffice Digital Symposium

We collected the most quotable quotes from everyone who spoke at the HFS Digital Symposium.